The cost of the jump is 4600 UAH.
Additionally, you can order:

- video filming + photo (the videographer is jumping with you) surcharge 1500 UAH.
Video editing surcharge 300 UAH.
- hand-held video filming (goupro) is f
ilmed by a tandem instructor, the cost is 600 UAH.
Video editing surcharge 300 UAH.

- combined video (hand-held video recording + videographer) 2000 UAH. Video editing surcharge 300 UAH.
A tandem jump with an instructor is ideal for beginners. When a person with great experience and a lot of jumps is behind you, you become much more confident. The fear disappears and you just enjoy the jump. The flight is led by an instructor, who is responsible for everything - opening the parachute, soft landing. This will be the most exciting adventure you have ever experienced.
The client will go to the location. On the airfield, he will undergo registration and a mandatory medical examination. After that, an experienced instructor will conduct a detailed briefing within 15 minutes. Under the guidance of a professional, the client will work out all the actions on the plane and during the jump. Also, the client will receive all the necessary equipment - equipment and a parachute system.

You can get to the airfield on your own, or you can pre-agree with the management of the flying club for a possible delivery.

The service is available from the age of 14 with written permission from the parents and the presence of the parents themselves, as well as after an individual interview of the child with the instructor.

It takes about 3 hours to impress. Depending on the congestion at the airport and the preparation of the participants, there may be a time delay.

Landing after the jump takes place at the starting point on a specially equipped platform. Jumping is carried out several times a week by appointment. If the group is not dialed, the service is rescheduled for the next time.

The jump can be canceled or delayed for several hours due to unfavorable weather conditions, sudden technical malfunctions of the aircraft, unexpected restrictions on the use of airspace.

It is not allowed to shoot videos and photos on your own.
This extreme entertainment will be remembered for a lifetime.
The impression will give vivid emotions, a portion of adrenaline and positive.
Tandem skydiving can help you overcome your fear of heights and make you feel more confident.
Also, thanks to him, you can see the world around you from an unusual angle and admire the landscapes.
The flying club team includes skydivers with extensive experience.
All equipment of the company is new in 2021, serviced by certified specialists.
The ascent to the sky is carried out by plane An-2.