Apostolovo airfield

Every weekend

From 8:00 to 19:00

Tandem jump

The cost of the jump is 4600 UAH.
Additionally, you can order video + photography

Self jump

The cost of the jump is 2600 UAH. The price includes photo and video filming with editing.
Jumping for athletes

3000m - 750 UAH
1500m - 500 UAH

Aircraft flights

Riding an armored personnel carrier

The cost of one place is 200 UAH.

AFF free fall training course

The course is temporarily unavailable

Possibility of ordering:


Festive events


Why try tandem skydiving?
This extreme entertainment will be remembered for a lifetime. The impression will give vivid emotions, a portion of adrenaline, positivity and stress relief after hard working days. Tandem skydiving can help you overcome your fear of heights and make you feel more confident. Also, thanks to him, you can see the world around you from an unusual angle and admire the landscapes. Soft and comfortable landing. Maximum level of security. The flying club team includes parachutists with extensive experience. All equipment of the company is new in 2021, serviced by certified specialists. The ascent to the sky is carried out by plane An-2.

Will skydiving be scary?
Most of the jumpers are surprised that it was not scary at all. A small part is a little afraid at the door in front of the compartment. But everyone agrees on one thing: jumping is not scary! Only pure delight from free fall and flying under a modern parachute wing.
Can I eat before the jump?
We do not advise you to eat heavily before the jump, but you should not be hungry either. Any vegetable dish will do. You can celebrate your first parachute jump in the Virage restaurant. Drinking alcohol before the jump is strictly prohibited!
And if the parachute does not open?
All Tandem parachute systems are equipped with a reserve parachute. An experienced instructor will deploy the reserve parachute if necessary. All tandem masters have experience in responding to special cases and experience in managing a reserve parachute, without which it is impossible to obtain a license. In addition, all systems are equipped with a safety device - a microprocessor that automatically activates the reserve parachute if the descent rate exceeds the allowable one at an altitude of 600 meters, and the instructor did not act.
What are the age restrictions for a tandem jump?
The minimum age is 14 on the day of your tandem jump. If you are between 14 and 18 years old, your parent or guardian must provide written consent for the tandem jump. The Tandem Skydive Consent Form can be signed upon arrival at the airfield. IMPORTANT! The parent or guardian who signed the "Consent to Tandem Jump" is obliged to accompany you during registration and provide a valid and official document with a photo (identification, driver's license, passport). Please note that you will not be allowed to jump in tandem if your parent / guardian is NOT present in the drop zone on the day of your jump. The maximum age is no more than 100 years.
What are the weight limits for a tandem jump?
The weight limit is 130 kilograms - this is the maximum load on the parachute system for a tandem instructor with a passenger.
Are there any health restrictions?
Tandem skydiving is not recommended for people with musculoskeletal disorders, heart disease, mental disorders, children under 14 and pregnant women. Pyzhok can also be carried out by clients with disabilities (each case is considered individually).
And if you get seasick?
After opening the parachute, you can ask the instructor to spin quickly or do everything more smoothly. If you still feel sick, breathe deeply.
What if your ears are blocked?
Follow these simple steps: hold your hand over your nose, close your mouth tightly, exhale, open your mouth. Perform the same steps during takeoff or after opening the canopy if you feel any discomfort. They will help compensate for the pressure.
Where can I park my car?
For personal vehicles, parking areas are provided, indicated by signs that are located at the entrance to the airfield.

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